Motivational Mondays

You don’t need to write anyone’s story or chase after another persons dream. Go after what you envision your self doing, walk your own path and find your own heartbeat after all who are we without our own pulse.
People more often than not say they do not have/know what they are meant to do in life, well to that i say try everything and open every single door if you have too. do not be discouraged if most of the doors you open close faster than you opened or don’t open at all, its merely a sign that it was never meant to be the one. believe it or not many have walked those same cold hallow grounds and got to a point where they eventually found themselves,you too will get to that point, where you open a door and will not be able to close it, you will be overwhelmed by a feeling of belonging, it will be that pleasant thorn in our side and will give you rest at night then and only then will you have found what you are looking for.

At this point you will realize that all those hardships where not a for of cruel and unusual punishment but a form of preparation for that one particular moment you will be in. but do not be mistaken its not going to be an easy road, there will come a time when quitting looks good because the failures will seem insurmountable and the challenges too big to over come, well you just simply have to press on if you want to turn your dream into a reality.

I am Bruce Sibanda sport is my heart beat and my pulse, whats yours?

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