ISF MIDDLE EAST (The Sport & Fitness Utopia)

The month of may kicked of is prolific style as Dubai hosted for the second time The International Sport and Fitness (ISF) Middle East conference. The event was set for two days with the opening ceremony on the 2nd of May and the closing remarks where to be given on the 3rd of May 2018.

It was a free for all from those who are new to the sport and fitness world to the professionals of all ages. with variety of competitions as well as an atmosphere filled with positive energy that comes with being in a sport environment. all the big companies from all forms of fitness and sports came to showcase an market their products to enthusiasts. Some of the big names that where present were:



One of the top brands that specialises in muscle stimulation suits which is a revolutionary way to get a healthy, beautiful and a strong body in a short space of tie and with minimal effort.It allows one to train in groups and provides a fun environment.



Reset is a dynamic company that provides a state of the art training facility as well as digital fitness programme that will suite different people in the same wok space at the same time. It brings in a new meaning to fun and comfort, an one can even programme the workout on a weekly schedule ensuring that you never get bore with training.



Specialist company that aims to provide multi functional equipment for those people who don’t like to spend money on different sets and end up having a saturated working space, then Matrix should be your go to place.



When one talks of revolution in gym equipment Kaizer is the way to go, they have come up with none plate loaded equipment that woks with air pressure as well as resistance. Aimed at removing the strain on joints that most plate loaded equipment has,the keizer equipment focus on the exact muscle group that a workout will be targeting. This is one shop you need to stop by.

DNP (Dr NutritionĀ Proteins).


One of the leading companies in supplements that cater for all, and the good part is they first have a look at your BMI then assist given what you want and what your body’s state will be. Most of the products they provide are protein based, with new products on the line that focus on the weight gainers, the body builders and athletes looking for endurance assistance.

One thing i can say for certain that the conference was a success, and all the fitness geeks that where in attendance had their visits worth. See you next year, like they say be there or be square.


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