Sport 360 : Fighters and Connectors

There is no denying that sport has the ability to bring separated worlds together, smiles in times of tragedy and friendships in the most unconventional way. One can consider it as Gods gift to mankind that shows that there is more to life than we think, and the simple pleasures have a way of lightening the spirits.

In Dubai there is an none profit organization that spearheads a programme for children with disabilities and involve them in all activities that society may not think them capable of, to give them and the rest of the community opportunity for inclusion and integration. Team Angel Wolf is a run by Nick Watson and his wife who have two children Tia and the pilot/rock star who is the motivation for the programme their 14 year old son Rio.

Rio who has been a icon was diagnosed with 1Q44 Deletion De Novo and as a result he has challenges with talking and walking as well as has seizures. With the knowledge of this ne could think that the parents would shut the world to their son but on the contrary, Rio and his family have been companions on fitness challenges from triathlons to marathons you name it Rio has most probably done it.

This is a true never let the world dictate your future, I witnessed this first hand and I can say without a shadow of doubt we need more Angel Wolves in this world. The latest activity is where they incorporate other children with disabilities and volunteer teens ages to participate in beach activities from swimming to a beach runs and it is all smiles all through out as they build everlasting connections.

From The Millennial Pulse we say to Team Angel Wolf keep the spirit and heart you are changing the world one smile at a time and giving hope to other parents that disability is just a word and children can achieve anything any how if they receive the motivation and support.

And to Rio you have the heart of a tiger, keep on fighting, enjoying every minute and spread that smile all over. Salute to the real rock star of sport and fitness.

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