Whose line is it anyway?

In a industry that had been dominated by men and shunned women from taking part for decades on end since time immemorial. From 776 BC in Greece it saw the birth of sport on a huge scale and it was such a male chauvanistic period that the only place women where to be seen would be the grandstands cheering on their counter parts, with dreams of one day being part of the revolution that would see women be part of the grand stage.

It would be no later than 1900 Olympic Games in Paris which would see 22 women for the first time compete in 5 events (tennis, sailing, croquet, golf and equestrian) on a grand stage and this would go on to open doors for women to prove that they too can provide equally thrilling contests and competition. Over the years post transformation, women in sport have made leaps and strides both on and off the field, keeping the dream alive of a future for the young girls. There is no denying that because of the inclusion of women what started out as entertainment for the elite has turned into a global phenomenon.

This month we dedicate all future posts to the celebration of women in sport and from all walks of life, shapes and sizes, to the trend setters and record breakers, the movers and the shakers, pros and rookies. Happy Women’s Month we love and appreciate all the women who are setting out to prove to the word that women too can own the line.

Keep doing what you doing, and as Denzel Washington would say ‘ see you at work’.

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