Return Of The Iron Man 70.3


One of the most grueling and yet iconic sporting events comes back to the Middle East on the 02/02/2018. The Iron 70.3 Triathlon goes beyond testing the human endurance  and mental toughness it is a unique piece of art form where competitors express themselves. A mixture of 180.25 km bicycle ride, 3.86 km swim, and 42.16 km marathon end to end with no time for respite it is the true definition of extreme fitness, athletes paradise and the regular Joe’s worst nightmare.

Every year hundreds of athletes come and participate in the race which requires dedication, a strong will and months of back to back preparation and the stakes could never be any higher as it is a qualifier for the Iron man World Championships to be held in Nelson Mandela Bay South Africa. Follow this amazing event on ironman  signup and get updates on events all over the globe, who knows the next one could right at in your back yard.   


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