Thriller by Zimbabwe

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What a way to kick start 2018. We take a trip to Bangladesh and catch up with a cricket series play between Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka. what most thought would be a one sided affair turned out to be one of the biggest thrillers that went down to the wire.

From the onset, Zimbabwe was off to a blistering start with Masakadza putting on an unparalleled display of wit, skill and batting prowess. Mire, Taylor and Raza also joined in the party hitting the ball all over the park to the frustration of the Sri Lankan bowling attack. It took a unified attack from Zimbabwe to set a margin of 290/6 with an average run rate of 5.80 which at most was a well fought out margin given the nature of the team they were facing. For Zimbabwe to win they would need to put their lives on the line in terms of defense, and their attacking team would need not to give any quarter.


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Sri Lanka had what seemed to be a menial score they had to run down as they required 291 of 50 overs at a run rate of 7.0 per over to secure a solid win. Known for their ability to chase down high scores and having big hitters in their squad the odds seemed to be well stacked against Zimbabwe. The African outfit came guns blazing as they showed how good their defense was as their bowling attack took apart the Sri lankan top order big names the likes of Tharanga, Mendis, Perera who had put a dent in the Zimbabwean attack. With no strong partnerships being established wickets started falling apart in intervals with  Raza and Cremer taking the bulk of the wickets to the dismay of the favorites.

Getting within arms length of the target desperation sunk in but it was too little too late, and this came back to haunt them as they did not have enough man power to finish the job and came second best giving Zimbabwe a 12 run win after they posted 278/10 with Raza being dubbed man of the match after an electrifying all round performance.

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