All Blacks run riot in South Africa

After being given a bitter pill to swallow in Dubai, New Zealand traveled to South Africa on what seemed to be a road to redemption and set their course for the Sevens series back on track. The Blitz Bokke had gained huge momentum and seemingly the team to beat on their home soil which was not going to be an easy task for any team.


With an impressive display in the group stages, it was only befitting that the two sides meet again, but in this case the catch 22 was it had to be in the semi finals.Would South Africa pull a rabbit out of the hat for a second time with a flawless display and beat New Zealand, or would the All Blacks stop them dead in their tracks and break thousands of hearts as the secure a place in the final.

The match lived up to the expected hype, as both teams clearly showed their intentions on not loosing, but as one would have it mother natures cruel sense of humor was not in South Africa’s favor as they seemed not to have a firm grip on the match. As the play went back and forth the crowd was on their feet as they marveled at the spectacle and with the last moments on the clock the All blacks out fit would do the unthinkable as they pulled in a 19 – 12 victory which would book them a place in the final against Argentina which they would go on to out class and outmatch to  win the series in South Africa.  New Zealand vs South Africa Cup SF

Cape Town sevens series Final: New Zealand vs Argentina

Next stop Sydney Australia for the 3rd leg of the series.

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