Mens festive wrap up

As we approached the December calendar the much anticipated spectacle made its first pit stop of the year 2017  in Dubai marking the beginning of the fast pace event. The HSBC rugby sevens series is one event that is spread across the globe, and is followed by millions of people. This event has become a big part of the Dubai scene bringing life to the Middle East before it headed out to South Africa.

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Thousands of followers made their way to the 3 day show piece which did not disappoint, it was a star studded event with names like Rosco Specman (South African sevens magician), Carlin Isles (dubbed the fastest sevens player in the world),Joe Ravouvou (New Zealand power house), Lewis Holland (Australian dream weaver) and Jerry Tuwai (electric Fijian) to name just a few making their presence felt. Filled with thrills and spills, bloopers and shockers on and off the field it proved to a great start to the series. With all the big names and teams, all eyes fell on two colossal  rival countries (New Zealand and South Africa). these two teams had spectators all over divided as to who will lift the series cup. and as predicted by most it was the very same countries that ended up in the play for the coveted title.

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with both the countries having put up a display of brilliance in the group stages, they met each other with caution and the sides went back and forth as each tried to establish control over the game putting the fans on the edge of their seats. However, one has to admit the Blitz bokke had come out to the series with no intention of being second best something had to give and give it did,  the South African outfit put up an impressive win over the All Blacks drawing first blood in the series race. South Africa vs New Zealand Dubai series 2017

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